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Afghan INSTITUTE of Higher Education

Project Description

Afghan INSTITUTE of Higher Education is one of the most prestigious entity of Afghan Institutions with close a liaison maintained between AIHE and Ministry of Higher Education. AIHE has stature with a justification encompassing three thousand students. The specialty of Afghan INSTITUTE of Higher Education is that it consists in its being a four-year bachelor degree (academic teaching and research) privately run INSTITUTE.

Its prime focus is on the development of the campus offering diversified course at the higher level. It has already a school and a centre of Islamic Studies and meanwhile to establish a number of more INSTITUTEs, is future plan planned.

The INSTITUTEs are aimed at providing courses of higher level leading to Master level degrees.

AIHE was founded in 2012 to offer four-year degree in Civil Engineering, Law Political Science, Economics, Business Administration & Computer Science, following modern American credit hour and semester system including course work, two-month internship and thesis guided by supervisor.

On the other hand, one-year diploma which is short-term learning program is also offered in Business Administration,  International Relation (IR) & in English Proficiency Building.

Education provided with distinction, is an intensive and extensive in nature of a high academic standard.

The teachers teaching either diploma or bachelor level, are very adroit and adept in their field of teaching, and have excellent methodized-structure of teaching to augment the knowledge of students, enhance their skill and to get them exposure to higher ideas.

Eminent educationists and scholars of the country are associated with the academic programs of AIHE provided on campus.

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